A sip of... Italy! - Caffè Leccese (Almond Milk Ice Coffee)

Italians are worldwide famous, among other things, for the quality of their espresso and their creativity, especially when it comes to food. When the two are combined, some of the best and most iconic coffee recipes are born, despite their simplicity. An example? The Caffè Leccese. 

Famous in the Apulia region (the "heel" of Italy), Caffè Leccese is a simple way to enjoy an iced espresso without sacrificing a strong aroma.

Preparation is very simple! The espresso coffee is prepared and without sugaring it is poured into a glass filled with pieces of ice. Only then are added 2/3 tablespoons of almond milk which, with its distinctly sweet flavor, will give this variant of espresso its typical, honeyed and refreshing taste.

If you want to put on some barista skill, you can steam the almond milk and create your own Almond Milk Ice Cappuccino!

For this recipe we at Fresco Aroma suggest a strong coffee to be used for espresso: our pick is definitely Italian Roast for the full italian experience or 6 Bean Blend. Other interesting tastes are Bali Blue, to balance the sweetness of almond milk or French Vanilla, to make the taste even richer.


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