A sip of... Spain! Cafe del Tiempo

Today we'll introduce a very peculiar kind of ice coffee, typical of Valencia and Andalusia region in Spain: Cafe del Tiempo.

Famous even beyond the Spanish borders, the Cafè del Tiempo is today one of the most requested and appreciated non-alcoholic summer drinks in the world. Its origins seem to date back to the nineteenth century, when particularly curious palates were already devising the most disparate ways to enjoy coffee even during the hottest periods. The result is a coffee that combines the typical aroma and taste of espresso with the freshness and summer flavors of ice and lemon (or orange). Do you want to give it a try? Here is the recipe

Cafe del Tiempo recipe

In order to make a great Cafe del Tiempo you just need the following ingredients:

  • Coffee
  • A slice of lemon or orange
  • Ice cubes
  • Sugar

Brew your coffee and pour it in a mug or an espresso cup.

Pour the ice cubes into a low tumbler and garnish with a few slices of lemon or orange - they will make it even fresher and more invigorating.

Pour the coffee into the glass of ice, then sweeten with sugar and mix vigorously. You can now enjoy Cafe del Tiempo!

For this particular recipe, we would recommend using Cowboy or Breakfast Blend. If you want a way more intense taste, then the choice is definitely Italian Roast or 6 Bean Blend.

If instead you'd like to enrichen the flavor even more, a very interesting combination would be with either Mocha or Chocolate Hazelnut, as chocolate bonds very well with orange, or Cinnamon Hazelnut.

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